Having fun is an agreement.
Having fun whensoever means you need not think about it,
To forget the suffering even when it is shown.

Adorno e Horkheimer

Darkness rises, it’s forces growing ever stronger, endlessly stretching into the infinite. Only a handful of us remain, growing ever more weaker in the face of our enemy, scattered, defeated. One more ATTIMO, and only empty shells and desolate worlds will be left standing.
It takes an ATTIMO to dissolve everything with laughter.
One altro ATTIMO to save the world with a single poem.


Let this manifesto be a declaration of the establishment of the ATTIMO MOVEMENT. With this announcement we define a  movement, a transition, an idea in constant flux, fleeting, unforeseen, piercing, fervent. From one ATTIMO one altro is born, one after another, infinite instances on the timeline of History. One ATTIMO flows into an altro ATTIMO. Every single ATTIMO transforms, renewed into an altro ATTIMO. There are living ATTIMO and non-living ATTIMO, ATTIMO of love and ATTIMO of pain. Altro ATTIMO is a concept that stabs you in the back, it’s the thunderous shot of an arquebus in the still forest of the Arts; It’s the roar of  hephaestus’s hammer in Apollo’s court. It’s the essence of a quake that turns one ATTIMO in an altro. A picture, a story, a poem, a painting. Every ATTIMO wades in the grey stillness of everyday life; all the other altro ATTIMO are pure unaltered truth, sublime, an erupting unveiling. They hatch unto the folds of History with blinding apotheosis. They are the Opera of Truth in all of its glory, and within every shadow we find Being in all of its power.
They are revealed to all whenever they look for them.


These are the characteristics of altro ATTIMO poetry:

  • Hermeticism, which means: writing for yourself. First and foremost it’s important to explicate your inner emotional sphere, that inner feeling that can be perceived unconsciously. Poetry is a private matter. Hermeticism means tending to your inner garden, making its flowers bloom. The keyword is: corporeal frailty
  • Intimate, which means: reading between the lines. This is required for these reasons (1) there isn’t any type of literature that can precisely mirror reality, it can only describe it; (2) every description is subjective, and it is for this exact reason that (3) poetry is immensely profound, compared to the other arts it almost seems boundless, especially the visual arts, that represent subjectivity with a limited toolset, the visible that binds what can be portrayed despite the infinite possibilities of our mind (displacing the subject with what we want to visualize).
  • Immortality, which means: fighting to the death against infinite oblivion. Trying to mark our place in history and trying to be remembered.
  • Volatility, which means: elusiveness, transfiguration, intangible presence. Unbreakable monolith, poetry always creates new meanings, and to do so it only takes an ATTIMO.
    Unchained from imposed meanings, which means: Poems are read and composed in an ATTIMO, but their meaning, what they are telling us is in an altro ATTIMO. These two ATTIMO are unchained. Where and when you read the poem determines your interpretation of it, they are not chained to poetry.
  • Exigent, which means: being resolute, stubborn, the poem is indifferent toward it’s reader. It’s goal is not to be understood and comprehended. Comprehension is a matter of rationality, a matter of science a fetish of the mind bound to reality.
  • Alice’s Dream, which means: Hiding beneath reality, tumbling down the rabbit hole and surviving, the opposite of a productive life. Poetry is not a political tool, it is not a spiritual tool, it is incorruptible. Poetry is like a dream. In our normal lives all ATTIMO compose our society, it’s rules and limitations, but, in the dreamlike poem the altri ATTIMO reign supreme, they refute reality, poetry is made out of the same substances of dreams.
  • Indivisible, which means: that all ATTIMO are atomic, they cannot be divided, they are a fundamental unit of reality. Different atomic ATTIMO can combine to form new polyfunctional constructs, just like chemically combined atoms form molecules. These constructs are the thread from which dreams are weaved, the resulting weft is poetry.
  • Straining Tension, Because: The poet is constantly seeking an unapproachable subjectivity, this puts him into a frantic search for a way to express it in the best possible way. His objective is to always strive to represent the impossibilities of his inner garden. From this conflict rises this unsolvable straining tension that translates in the act of creating art. There are no poems that are devoid of content, when they appear contentless then the form of the poem is the content. Art, by being subjective, is non negotiable. This is another straining tension. If poetry is a presentation of the Self, then all of the naysayers that misconstrue the poem’s message is absurd and ridiculous. But everyone who is outside of that Self cannot really comprehend. Here is that nonsense, it is the indescribable tension that is part of poetry.
  • Welcoming, which means: that despite the unsurmountable tension within poetry, in the infinite possibilities of interpretation some are more closer to the intent and some aren’t. The ideal readers are the ones who’s interpretation resounds majorly in respect to that intent.
  • Maddeningly one sided, which means: writing to and for one person for your entire life, desperately trying to reach it, it’s a far flung mirage of dialogue, the illusion of an answer. There are two main possibilities: That person is a it, the being on the other side of the river, the Other one; or that person is yourself.
  • Transumating, which means: it changes, adapts, metamorphoses in every form, expression and shape, the ATTIMO finds a way to transform into altro ATTIMO.


Sons and daughters of the ATTIMO movement unite! The timeline of history is a chain of ATTIMO, it is democratic, unifying, egalitarian. Each and everyone of us is submerged in a flow of random ATTIMO, but from those it might emerge a sublime ATTIMO, something that goes beyond, something that is altro. To join our movement means to jump up, to break the chains that bind us to history to be free of it’s yoke. It allows you to reach out towards altro ATTIMO and their extraordinary properties, to reach them, to shape them within your own hands, to walk among worlds like a divine being.


About our poets, this also means that:

  • The poet, like every other artist, creates everything out of his own pain. Poetry is none other than the eco of painful screams. A simple scream is not poetry, but the infinite resounding echoes of that scream? That is poetry.
  • The poet of altro ATTIMO is not aware of his poem’s closures, he perceives them.
  • The poet makes use of his own suffering, it extracts from it the essences that liken it to all other types of suffering. The pain is not the end, but the start, the instrument to gaze upon the abyss and create a dancing star within it. There is only one risk: the loss of oneself and of your own humanity.
  • The poet is a sad jester, whose wailing and sobs take the shape of a wonderful song. He cries in despair but only poetically, just like how a clown dances and laughs but does so only by faking them.
  • The poet loves masks (everything that has depth loves masks)
  • The poet, just like everyone else, cannot live up to his poems; because they are sublime, they cannot be lived within reality. So where can the poet reach out to his poems? Through dreams – where everyone else also meets, through dreams.
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